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Providing a dedicated service since 1996


Established in 1996, Jetvent Ltd was one of the first companies in Ireland to specialise in the cleaning of ventilation systems. Initially the business concentrated on the cleaning of supply and extract air ductwork in hospitals, offices, hotels, factories and pharmaceutical plants. This was expanded to include the cleaning of grease from kitchen extract systems in canteens, restaurants and hotels.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the use of innovative technology in this industry and in the introduction of new technologies such as our Icevent Division. This system allows for dry ice to be used for a variety of cleaning operations, or services such as the transport of products and samples requiring a maintained frozen state.

As TRIVENTEK’S sole distributor in Ireland we can offer the sale of the ductwork cleaning and dry ice blasting equipment, or can provide a competitive quotation to carry out Risk Assessment Surveys, Ductwork Cleaning, Kitchen Extract Cleaning or Dry Ice Blasting.